LGBTQ+ Coaching

Life is full of challenges and even more so when you are queer. Do you worry about how to cope with...

  • major life transitions?
  • emotional boundaries in your relationship?
  • work-life balance?
  • well-being and self-love? 

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • identify goals and break free of negative habits 
  • learn new skills to be more confident and resilient  
  • feel engaged and connected with yourself & your partner
  • love your life!

Love is diverse and I'm so glad you are here!

It takes courage to talk about your own identity and in my practice you will find a safe place where all aspects of you are welcome and celebrated. I am open to any chosen life form and I help LGBTQ+ teens, adults and couples to feel stronger, happier and more connected.

During the coaching sessions you will learn to navigate difficult feelings and to break free of negative behaviour patterns by setting personal goals and boundaries with others. This way, you can reach your full potential and be happy. 

"Sometimes a small step in the right direction is the biggest step of your life" (Emma Stone, actress). If you want to understand what makes you tick then click below to...